Dreamer’s Day on Paula Sands Show

Hi All,

Click on the underlined words to see a very nice interview about the Dreamers’ Day that will happen this weekend.

Here are the Ghost Players expected to appear:

Marv Maiers
Hank Lucas
Frank Dardis
Mike Schuster
Dale Digman
Steve Olberding
Jeremy Olberding
Mike Ehlers
Darren Rausch
Dean Steffen
Tyler Saugling
Egan Dardis
Hunter Westhoff
Doug Westhoff

Thanks for being such great guys!

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One thought on “Dreamer’s Day on Paula Sands Show”

  1. Some people call me Clueless Joe, and rightfully so.
    I had forgotten to pack the microphones for the big show.
    But as it always seems to go, there was a bigger power in the know.
    A wonderful fellow amazed me so by providing from the church, I’m all a glow.
    Thanks Gary

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