Puerto Rico Trip CrowdFUN-ding Press Release

For Release: Tuesday February 3, 2015

Field if Dreams’ Ghost Players: On the Road Again! (Photos and video available)

Ghost Player Legacy has started an all-or-nothing campaign seeking funds to offset a few expenses for the traveling team when they head for Puerto Rico this month. The Ghost Players will make this journey to Puerto Rico to distribute baseball equipment and spend time sharing their baseball skills and knowledge with young children much like they do when they host skills camps at the Field of Dreams Movie Site and sports complexes.
Joe Scherrman, part of the Ghost Player Legacy Team announced, “This the 25th year for the Ghost Players, the ballplayers that call their home field, the Field of Dreams. The tour will be a fun way to learn about baseball in Puerto Rico while making a difference in the lives of the communities we visit. It is another chance for me to capture the adventures of this amazing team and share their stories. This crowdFUN-ding campaign is also a way people can show their love of the things the Ghost Players stand for.” Scherrman produced a documentary about the first 15 years of the antics of the Ghost Players, published a companion book, Travels With Ghosts and Other Tales and preserved over 2,000 clips of their history made public via The Internet Library.
“We have fantastic rewards given for contributions. Unique collectables not available anywhere else, like the award winning 3D magic postcards where the Ghost Players appear and disappear from the corn as you turn the card. There are the amazing bats from Steve Kerper in New Vienna that is customized lazed engraved by Jens Sogaard in his shop down first baseline at the Field of Dreams movie site. Another unique collector’s item is the hand painted and number figurines. Seriously cool items for your contribution,” founder of the campaign Scherrman proclaimed.
To support the team and their trip, please go to www.crowdFUN-ding.com.
Crowd-FUN-ding is a new crowd funding site created to cater to people seeking to raise funds for fun projects. The founders of CrowdFUN-Ding feel that this project is a perfect example of how fun things can transform the world. Checks are also accepted made out to the Community Foundation of Great Dubuque Ghost Project (CFGDGhost) and mailed to PO Box 39 Dyersville, IA. 52040.
Some members of the team have played together for decades; some of them were actually in the movie, Field of Dreams. Each have been at least semi-professional ball players and are very skilled in the game.
One of the Ghost Players, Paul Scherrman, has been leading a collection of sports gear and equipment for an organization called Roberto’s Kids. While the team is there in Puerto Rico, they will distribute the gear to the children they meet. This is the third trip Scherrman has spearheaded to bring baseball to disadvantaged youth throughout the world. When he made a similar trip last year, fellow Ghost Player Frank Dardis helped gift the gear. This year, they invited a few more of the team members to increase the impact they can have on the children in cities they will visit.
Before 9/11, the team would often travel to locations around the globe holding sports camps and their own comedy shows in places such as Tokyo, Pearl Harbor, and the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. For some of the team they are viewing this as their last chance to bat overseas. For others, they are hoping to rekindle the traveling aspect of the team’s future.
Each of the players is volunteering for the trip and paying their own personal travel expenses. This fundraiser will hopefully fund the team’s travel bus while in Puerto Rico, buy extra baseballs to donate to the Roberto’s Kids, and will help document their journey on video. The team has other dreams that can be made possible if the campaign exceeds its goal. It is important to remember this is an all-or-nothing fundraising campaign. Meaning, with all-or-nothing, the project only get to keep the money if the $9,700 target is pledged, otherwise the campaign ends without any money changing hands. Contributor’s credit card will not be charged unless 100% of the goal is met.
Contact Information:

Joe Scherrman, Ghost Player Legacy Founder, joe@ghostplayer.us

Paul Scherrman, Midwest Regional Program Coordinator, pauls@jpscherrman.com

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